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Hada DBank logo

Hada DBank

Hada DBank

We are the First Digital Bank to fuse Islamic Banking Module with Blockchain Technology



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We are a lifestyle platform, providing physical and digital contents to help people simplify their life. We have and integrated businesses model, combining state-of-the-art O2O platform and IOT to enhance Company's commercial partner's businesses and to support Indonesia digital lifestyle.



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Medina Digital Finance

Medina Digital Finance

Medina Digital Finance is a Pan African Islamic Digital Microfinance Institution. The institution aims to provide sharia compliant financial services to the bottom of the pyramid in Africa using a Digital only platform.



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"At Ummah Finance we are embracing the future of technology, and building the UK’s first 100% Shariah compliant and ethical digital-only bank. Ummah Finance was founded with a vision to help people achieve their financial goals and aspirations in a way that does not compromise their faith and values; we also aim to support the growth of the Islamic finance industry in the UK. Our focus is on creating a mobile channel that will allow people to constantly manage their money from anywhere.

United Kingdom


Niyah logo



Niyah is a mobile-only islamic banking solution providing interest free Current accounts and Savings accounts. We aim to combine belief and convenience through technology, so you can bank without compromise.

United Kingdom


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Waqfe is a digital engagement platform built using open banking. A high impact loyalty program revolutionizes customer engagement and brings emotion and purpose back to banking. This means more customers, greater deposits and greater customer lifetime value.




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Fintech is one of the most exciting new sectors of the global financial industry, breaking boundaries and challenging preconceptions in one of the shake-ups of the century. A new class of financial players is disrupting the status quo – and financial institutions must embrace this change or face being left behind as the financial landscape transforms beyond recognition.

But although fintech as a whole has been well-served by the media, the Islamic segment has so far made limited penetration on public consciousness – despite the enormous potential it represents for the industry. There is a clear chasm between the multitude of pioneering entrepreneurs, start-ups and fintech firms making waves in the Islamic space; and the interested investors, institutions and stakeholders keen to explore these opportunities.

Recognizing this information gap, IFN is delighted to introduce to you a bespoke multi-channel platform - IFN FinTech.

Comprised of four tranches, IFN FinTech is a one-stop-shop for industry knowledge, networking and communication – supported by our unrivaled global network, our strong social media platform and our trusted multimedia Islamic finance offering.


Explore opportunities to take your career to the next level. Whether you are a student, graduate or an experienced professional, discover the impact you could make with a career at IFN FinTech.